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    Customize status toolbar



      Customize status toolbar


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS-X 10.10.4

      Description of the issue

      Customize status toolbar is saved to preferences in Layout Mode and Preview Mode but in Browse mode, the settings are forgotten whenever a database is closed. 

      The particularly distressing (risky) thing about this is that the FIND icon in Find Mode is directly located where the Delete icon is in Browse mode.  Sometimes a single click on the Find icon is interpreted as a double click and then you see the message asking you if you really want to delete the current record.  You wonder -- why is it asking me about deleting a record when all I did was perform a find?  The reason is the location of the icons in the status toolbar.

      This is one of many reasons why I want to modify the status toolbar for Browse mode but I find that I have to customize the status toolbar about 20 times each day.   Very annoying.

      BTW - I have studied this for weeks before writing this to make sure it is not my iMac that is at fault.  I see the same behavior on my MacBook Pro too.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Customize the Browse mode status toolbar.   Close a file and/or exit the application.

      Expected result

      Your settings will be saved with the application, not any individual file.

      Actual result

      They are not saved with the application.  The defaults re-appear.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      none, except for the above described "do you want to delete" warning.

      Configuration information

      I can't say whether the issue manifests with hosted files versus local files, but in any event, the toolbar settings are supposed to save with the Application.


      none, I regret.

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          Dennis -

          I am unable to reproduce this issue.  Not only did I move several icons around on the status toolbar but I added and removed icons as well.  In all cases, when I either quit the application and relaunched it OR closed the file and reopened it, the previous changes that I had made to the status toolbar were still there.  FYI, my tests were done on local files.

          Some followup questions.

          1. What version of OS X are you running.  For the record I am using 10.10.4
          3. Do you have any plugins installed on your system?  As a test, you might try temporarily removing them.
          5. Try moving your PLIST file and have FileMaker Pro 14 create a new one.  The PLIST file for FIleMaker Pro 14 is located at Users > <username> > Library > Preferences.  All FileMaker Pro related PLIST files should start with "com.filemaker..."


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Is the file hosted from Server and you are making these changes as a client of the hosted database? (Not sure if that will make a difference here, but worth a checking...)

            You also have the option to completely hide the status tool bar and set up your own button bar of commonly used functions. Not only does this give you more control, the button bar will often take up less space than the status area that it replaces leaving more room on your layout for other features.

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              TS_Shark:  I'm running OS-X 10.10.4,   My files are all hosted on servers, either my server or the client's server.  I have not yet made a careful study of which file is vulnerable to this misbehavior.   For example, I have one file that seems to very seldom be affected and others that are always affected.  But as I understand the settings to be application-wide, not file-specific, I wonder why that would matter.  Especially because the icons don't revert to default in Layout Mode or Preview Mode - only browse mode.

              PhilModJunk:  hosted files.  exclusively.   The button-bar idea is nice, I admit, but I don't have the luxury of going into my client's databases to add that feature on each and every layout.  It's a nice idea for new projects, though.  The thing is -- my already-built solutions very often hide the status toolbar altogether -- the users never see it.  But as the developer, I want to use it to have ready access to only 3 icons:  Debugger - Manage - and Data Viewer.   Also, I work with the toolbar open when doing my work so that I can navigate to specific records, layouts, and change views as needed.   Therefore, if the default icons appear in Browse Mode, I get annoyed and as stated, I find that after performing a Find command I see the danger signal about deleting a record.  That is why I think this is a serious issue - if I delete a client's record inadvertently, I am guilty of something that requires access to backups to restore a single record.  Huge PITA.

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                Markus Schneider

                I did just a quick run - and with a local file, on 10.10.3, a change in the button bar remains - even after a restart. Since those settings are not file based but application based, there could be something wrong with the access rights.. but if it happens on more than one machine.. strange! Where is Your home directory - local or on a server?

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                  Markus:  this is not about button bars.  It is about the Status toolbar.   Home directory?  I don't know what you're referring to.