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Customizing Mac keyboard

Question asked by dcbriscoe on Jul 25, 2012


Customizing Mac keyboard


FileMaker Pro


12.02 Advanced

Operating system version

Mac 10.7.4

Description of the issue

I've just updated to Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 from FMP 10, having believed all the guff about how much better it was. I was appalled to discover that the clever clogs who've done it have removed the use of the F keys on the Mac keyboard and that it's impossible to customize the custom menus to re-include them. I don't want to use command/control/opt(alt) + a character to cut/copy/paste like Windows people do -- I want to use what was a totally functional set of keys for ONE-finger operation. Does no-one else care about this? I can't find anything on the forums or any way to resolve this problem.