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CWP intermittent failure FMS12

Question asked by PowerSlave on Apr 18, 2012
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CWP intermittent failure FMS12


FileMaker Server



Operating system version

Windows Server Standard SP2 and Server 2008R2 x64

Description of the issue

CWP sessions stay connected to the WPE for over 4 minutes even though the FMIPHP has completed the request after 2 seconds. The CWP clients appear in the admin console and though they can be 'killed' successfully , after 4 or 5 of these 'ghost clients' are connected , the WPE seems to fail with '802' errors (file not found) across all FM PHP sites and databases. After 10 minutes of nobody being able to access any CWP sites , everything returns back to normal. Killing all CWP clients/sessions does not immediately fix the problem , and restarting the web server in it's '802' state causes complete failure of the WPE , and the windows server must be restarted. This '802' error does not appear until around 4-5 or more CWP clients have posted requests to the Filemaker server.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I have tried redeployment,re-installation,simplification of the PHP pages in question. These did not fix the problem.

I then created a VM with Server 2008R2 x64, added IIS7 role , installed FMSA12 with standard PHP FM API , the same problem exists even when the only database is the sample database , and using the technology test PHP.

Expected result

As per FMSA11 , clients only appear in the console for a few seconds (once the CWP query is complete , the client disappears) , the WPE does not cause '802' errors.

Actual result

As per description

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Web pages can display an '802' error or a '500' error and when it does , that's all you'll get for around 5 minutes until it 'fixes' itself.

Configuration information

Some pages were built with the FMSA11 PHP site assistant. These sites had some other troubles intitally until I copied the 'Filemaker' folder and the 'Filemaker.php' that came with FMSA12 into the root of the web sites. This only fixed problems with referencing to PHP objects that were native to filemaker.


Cannot find any at this point in time.