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    Data does not appear in preview mode



      Data does not appear in preview mode


      FileMaker Pro



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      OS X 10.6.4

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      I have created a report that looks up information from a master table and inputs the information for editing within the current project table.  All the information fills the fields in browse mode but when I switch to Preview mode all I get are empty field boxes with no information.  If I go to the master table and view the information and switch to preview everything is fine and it all shows up.  I've created a new layout thinking that maybe the layout has a problem...but nope it does it too.  Any thought?

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          How many records are in your found set? Any chance the first record is a blank record?

          When you enter preview mode, FileMaker assumes you are going to use the "Records being Browsed" option to print or preview your layout and thus puts record 1 on page 1 of the preview. To see all the records in your preview, you may need to click the book icon to move through the preview one page at a time much like you use it to move through records when in browse mode.

          If you only want to see the current record in Preview, you can use a script or options from the Records menu to isolate this record in a found set of just this record before you preview it.

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            Thanks...That does seem to be the issue.  I guess I should have realized that.  (Doh?!)

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              It's obvious after the fact, but not when you first encounter it. While not at the top of my list, I've long thought, adding the Records being Browsed / Current record option as a parameter to the Enter Preview Mode step would be useful.