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    Data dropped from fields when saving to PDF or Printing



      Data dropped from fields when saving to PDF or Printing


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7 (64 bit)

      Description of the issue

      I am having an issue when saving a layout to PDF and also when printing that sometimes the final character or even the final word from a text field is being dropped from the saved or printed version.

      IE: A street address like "123 Main St" would sometimes end up printed or saved to PDF as "123 Main".  A field with only a single word will sometimes end up with the last character dropped.  IE: "Camden" would become "Camde"

      I don't know if this is something to do with the layout design, but it worked perfectly well with FMPro 8.0 and I think with FMPro 11 that we were using for a couple weeks before the release of FMPro 12.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Create a layout using a multi column design and multiple fields
      Display in preview mode using multiple records from the file
      Save as PDF file
      View the PDf file for completeness of the information

      Expected result

      Complete information in all the fields displayed in the layout

      Actual result

      Incomplete infromation, as specified above, in some of the fields...
      And, not all of the fields....

      In the attached screen shot, many of the address lines are missing either "Rd" or "Dr" at the end.  "Camden" is spelled "Camde" and "Kay Anderson Billington" is displayed as "Ka Anderson Billington" [three fields: First/Maiden/Last]


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          Lance Williams:

          Thank you for your post.

          I am unable to replicate the issue.  I have created a Sub-Summary by Year and placed First Name, Maiden Name, Last Name in the first line of the Body, Street Address in the second line, and City, State, and Zip fields on the third line.  All information displays properly.  I then set the fields to slide up and slide left, and in Preview Mode, I get the right spacing.  I then save to PDF and everything looks proper.  Let me know what I'm doing differently than you.

          What font are you using for printing?  How does the information display in Preview?  That is, are the fields cut off also in Preview?

          It may be easier if you send in a copy of your file so I can determine why saving to PDF is failing for you.  Check your Inbox at the top of this page for instructions where to send the file.

          FileMaker, Inc.

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            After reading your post yesterday, I wanted to take a bit of time to do some research and see what I could exactly find out about the problem.  I have since made an interesting discovery.

            First, I thought it might be my laptop, as it has been having some flaky issues lately, but the problem still existed on a different computer at work today that is an almost new system we installed a few weeks ago....  Then, when I displayed the same data in different layouts and created PDf files, it was working as it should!!  So, I was thinking that possibly the conversion from the .fp7 DB format to the new .fmp12 format might have corrupted something in this particular layout.

            So, when I got home today, I decided to recreate the layout from scratch, using the identical font sizes, etc.  This new layout did the exact same thing, but I did limit it down to only some lines that were set to slide left.  Then I noticed that the lines in BOLD did not have a problem, and it got me thinking about your question about the font being used...  And behold, the clouds parted, and I saw the light :-)

            It appears the PDF/Print routines have some problems with cetain font sizes and attributes.  In my particular case, I was using strictly ARIAL for the font.  I have discovered this problem occurs at least in the following size/attribute combinations:

            11 point Plain, but not 11 point Bold
            12 point Bold, but not 12 point Plain
            13 point Plain, but not 13 Point Bold

            Makes me think that all odd-number point sizes in Plain will have the problem along with all even-numbered point sizes in Bold, but I have nto tested all the possibly size and attribute combinations, nor with other fonts...  I figured I had to leave something for you folks to work on :-D

            So, the work-around is to not use odd-number point sizes in a Plain/Normal/Regular attribute and avoid using even-numbered point sizes in Bold attributes.   And, if the problem shows up, change the point size up/down one size to see if it goes away...

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              Lance Williams:

              Unfortunately, I am still unable to replicate the issue.  I have tried this under Windows XP (SP3) using Arial 11 point Plain, 11 point Bold, 12 point Plain, 12 point Bold, 13 point Plain, and 13 point Bold.  In all cases, it slides correctly.  I have no doubts this is failing for you, so I will try again when I find someone with a Windows 7 (64-bit) machine.

              What printer driver do you have installed (as this might affect the printout)?

              FileMaker, Inc.

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                I'll have to load FMPro onto my old Laptop tomorrow and see what happens there (Win XP, SP3)....  I'll let you know what I discover...

                As for the printer driver, I have several printers installed on both computers I have used.  I have an old Brother HL-1440 B&W Laser, a new HP LaserJet P1120w B&W laser and a HP Color LaserJet 3600N color laser....  I usually use the HP Color laserJet for the PDF layouts, and of course, there are no WIN 7 drivers (32 or 64 bit) for this printer, so I have installed the Vista drivers as suggested on the support site...

                Just for kicks, I tried saving the PDF from the same layout (copy of the unchanged layout before yesterday's discovery) after setting up the HP Laserjet P1102w instead of the Color Laserjet as the printer in use.  This printer does have WIN 7 drivers installed.  However, there was no change in the output.

                I can send you a copy of the DB to play with, but I would have to do it without any records, just the layouts, etc for you to play around with.  I just don't feel comfortable sending out the personal information for over 11,000 of our alumni....  I suppose I could leave the 17 board of directors records in the datafile, I don't think any of them would complain....

                But, first, I'll see what happens on my old XP laptop and let you know the results...

                - Lance