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Data entered into linked fields disappears

Question asked by JosephKopera on Apr 25, 2014
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Data entered into linked fields disappears


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 7.1

Description of the issue

After entering data in fields to a linked table in a different *.fmp database from a custom layout in a host database, the data is missing from both the layout and the linked (destination table).

This occurs in different fields and with different linked tables.

In other words, data does not get saved to fields in linked destination tables via layout of host database.  When returning to FMGo from another app, or returning from a different record, previously entered data in linked table is missing.

User unsure of when / how FMGo decides to "automatically" save data entered into fields in linked tables via layout in a host database.

Any insight appreciated.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Appears to occur randomly but with some frequency.

Cannot figure out user behavior that triggers data not being saved.

Tried re-entering some data into fields and data was saved.

Do not know if data is not saved because phone is put into sleep mode or navigating to other app before adding a new record.

Expected result

That entered data would show up in linked table after navigating to new record and/or returning to FMGo from another app.

Actual result

entered data is missing both from host database layout view and from linked table.

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