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Data entry becomes out of sequence and keystokes go missing in Web Direct

Question asked by hapsoft on Mar 5, 2014
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Data entry becomes out of sequence and keystokes go missing in Web Direct


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows/Internet Explorer

Description of the issue

When entering data into a form hosted by Web Direct, data becomes scrambled and keystrokes are lost. For example, when entering data such as J-O-E [Tab] S-M-I-T-H into  "first name" and "last name" fields the system will not recognize the tab in sequence and the contents of the first name field onscreen will appear as "joesm" and the last name field will appear as "ith".  Upon committing the record the contents of the two fields will not be complete, generally truncating characters in the second and any subsequent fields.  In this example the saved contents of the fields would be "joes" in the first name field and "ith" in the last name field.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Easily reproduced and not browser specific.

Host any data entry form in web Direct and start typing as if you are entering data in a typical web form.

Expected result

That data will kept in the respective fields into which it is entered and no keystokes will be lost.

Actual result

Data is places into the wrong fields onscreen, and upon saving is missing keystokes.


None.  It's killing us.

I have video, screenshots can't really show the issue.