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Data is lost from sibling tables when photo saved on iPad 2

Question asked by JayForster on Dec 12, 2011
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Data is lost from sibling tables when photo saved on iPad 2


FileMaker Go


Go_iPad 1.2.4

Operating system version

5.0.1 (9A405)

Description of the issue

Hi All,
I have built a database using FileMaker Pro 11 on PC. This has one parent table with numerous daughter tables, on of which contains a container field for storing photos. I switch between the daughters to the "Imagery" table using a portal on a set of tabs on the parent layout. The photo is captured using the INSERT command attached to a button. The data is stored, however when we switch back to the siblings (other tables) using the tab, it is common for some, or all, of all data stored in the siblings to be lost. I have checked the relationships and the only path is through the parent: i.e. the parent allows linked tables to be created, but linked tables can't trigger the parent to create. All tables are linked through the parent (on the relationships table) and none are linked to each other.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Enter data in a sibling table, then switch to a container field in a related table and capture a photo using an iPad 2 onboard camera. It doesn't happen everytime, but is not uncommon.

Expected result

Data loss in siblings.
No data is loss if container fields are not triggered. Uploading or attaching photos on the PC does not appear to trigger data loss.

Actual result

Data loss in sibling tables.