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    Data loss if replacing FM Go 12 with FM Go 13



      Data loss if replacing FM Go 12 with FM Go 13


      FileMaker Go


      12 and 13

      Operating system version


      Description of the issue

      All data and databases are gone when installing FM Go13 and deleting FM Go 12.
      Recovering with iTunes Backup does not work (just the app will be recovered, not the data.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Delete FMGo 12 and install FMGo 13 or other way around.

      Expected result

      iOS apps have to be updated, not replaced.
      It has no common filesystem like Mac OS or Windows, etc.
      Sandboxing does not allow such actions like replacing an app every year.

      That is no good practice on iOS.

      Actual result

      All the data inside FM Go 12 is gone.


      Saving all data to desktop before replacing FM Go 12 with FM Go 13.

      But it is too late for me.

      Hopefully this was the last replacement for the next 10 years or so (until the data format will be changed to .fmp30 or there is any better way to change the format).
      And you have 10 years to find a customer friendly solution until the next replacement will happen.
      FM Go 13 is now identical for iPad and iPhone, hope that was the reason for the replacement!

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          Markus Schneider

               ouch.. trap, big one )-:

               - FMG13 is a different application, not an update

               - deleting an app deletes its files as well, means Your files are gone after deleting FMG12

               - more worse: Synking an iOS device using iTunes will not save Your data

               Wishlist: FM does the synk (FM, not third partie companies) and FM does the save (Maybe via cloud, similar as OmniGroup with their presence server)

               What I'm doing: Every local FMGo app that stores data has its 'Save' function. But again, that's something FM should do (remembering Steve Jobs as Apple introduced TimeMachine...)