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Data/url Web Viewer behavior in IWP

Question asked by motasea on Jul 12, 2013


Data/url Web Viewer behavior in IWP


FileMaker Pro


Filemaker 12.0.3

Operating system version

Windows 2008 Server

Description of the issue

The Web Viewer and IWP has problems in IE 9 and IE 10.  All other browsers will render fine like Firefox or Google Chrome.  But IE 9 and 10 does not show anything.  Here is a simple code for a web viewer.  I am using Filemaker Server Advanced 12.03.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Try to display this simple code in a web viewer and IE 9 and 10 have problem rendering the page.  If any body has a solution, please let me know.  This only happens in IWP.




Hello, World!


Expected result

IE 9 and 10 do not render.