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    Database List Not Refreshing



      Database List Not Refreshing


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.6.4

      Description of the issue

      Using Studio Manager v10 within FileMaker Pro v10.

      All the database files are hosted on a machine within the same network as the rest of the office. When creating a new job in Studio Manager, one of the lists that is pulled from the FileMaker database never populates except with two entries. There are suppose to be eight in that particular list. This list is almost never modified and used for selection only. It seems to be a refresh issue with the FileMaker database in trying to use and access the list.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      Launch FileMaker v10 and open Studio Manager. Create a job and then try and select items from the different lists. When the People list is opened, the entries are not all there. Only 2 exist.

      Expected result

      In the People list, there are suppose to be 8 entries.

      Actual result

      However, only 2 entries show up in the list until FileMaker v10 is restarted.

      Configuration information

      Several Macs on the same network with one of them being the host machine and never used for any other purpose besides that. Regular access to the host machine and database files throughout the day. Sometimes multiple machines on the database at the same time.


      The only way to get the list to populate properly is to first create the job in Studio Manager and fill out all possible information. Then FileMaker v10 has to be shut down and restarted. Once everything is back up and the list has been pulled up, it is populated properly.

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          What is Studio Manager and who created it? If this is a third party solution, you may need to contact the developer to see why it doesn't work.

          one of the lists that is pulled from the FileMaker database

          Not having a copy of studio manager, there's no way for me to know exactly what that "list" is and how it was set up. One possibility given that shutting down and restarting updates the list is that this list may be generated via a calculation field that needs to be set as an unstored calculation in order for it to update properly.

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            Studio Manager is a management solution for businesses. It is produced by the Tokerud Group. http://studio-manager.com/studio-manager-10/ It holds employee, client, and job information in a database.

            The list that isn't populating is when a job is created and you are trying to select which employees have been assigned to the job. The list is predefined in the Studio Manager software and was not manually tweaked. Only entries were added to the list.

            Exactly how would I change the list to be an unstored calculation?

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              I don't even know that is an unstored calculation. That's just one possible issue here and we'd have to do some investigating to see if that's the case.

              I suggest you contact the Tokerud Group for assistance if possible as they should be familiar with their work and be able to help you.

              If they can't help you, then feel free to post back here, but be prepared to describe this issue in much more detail in order for someone to be able to help you out.