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Database performance severely degrades since migrating to filemaker 12

Question asked by smcfeeters on Jun 6, 2012
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Database performance severely degrades since migrating to filemaker 12


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Description of the issue

Our main application layout is a portal listing all our contracts.  We have the ability to filter this list by customer or contract number.  Under version 11, the by contract number filter took about a second to filter.   Under version 12, it takes about 15 seconds per number entered, so a 4 digit contract takes at least a minute.  The filter is based on the relationship graph using global variables.
The database is located on a Mac Pro (dual quad 3.2Ghz with 24GB of ram and running of SSD).  The client is a Mac Pro (6 Core 3.33Ghz with 24GB of ram).  Neither client or server are doing anything else and utilization on either box.   Looking at the activity monitor, both the client and the server run about 25% of 1 core (for the 15 seconds) while it processes a digit of the filter.
I tried switching the filter to a portal filter to see if the performance would improve, but it does not.  I moved the filter global variable from the server DB to the client side of the application, still the performance problem remains.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Enter a digit into the contract number filter

Expected result

portal listing is reduced to only contracts with that number

Actual result

after 15 seconds the action completes

Configuration information

Client - OS X 10.7.4 3.33GHZ 6-Core 24GB Ram FM Pro Adv 12.0v1
Server - OS X 10.6.8 Server 2 x 3.2GHZ Quad Core 24GB Ram FM Server


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