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Date format in the inspector glitching out + odd date format hyphen separator

Question asked by Fei-LingTseng on Aug 15, 2013
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Date format in the inspector glitching out + odd date format hyphen separator


FileMaker Pro


12 Advance

Operating system version

Windows 7 x64

Description of the issue

What I wanted to do was to change timestamp format on a field to display the same format between timestamps created by an FM application (08/25/2013) versus FM Go (2013-08-25). I want all timestamp fields to display like the FM Go. In the process, I came across two issues.

First, the area in the inspector where you can define custom orders of day/month/year and symbol separators were fine when I started but as I kept making changes the dropdown fields started either 1. collapsing to the point that options were overlapping each other, or 2. becoming so tall that options would fly beyond the height of my screen. I did not catch a screen shot of the former but please see attached image for examples of the latter.

Second, the hyphen option looks completely goofy. Instead of the short hyphen, it is using the longer em hyphens which is incorrect. Not sure if there's an option to define your own symbol, but wasn't able to find it. Please see attached image again for an example of the longer hyphen.

I could easily revert to non-formatted fields, but then the timestamps won't look the same because the timestamps produced from different platforms are differently formatted depending on which platform you see it on.
I just want them to be "YY-MM-DD hh:mm AM" no matter what platform you're on.

Any clues on this issue would be much appreciated.

Edit: Changed title and a couple of sentences to make issues more clear.

Steps to reproduce the problem

No idea what I did exactly that was unusual. I was just defining the date format in the inspector when it started happening.

Expected result

Dates that look like:
2013-08-25 12:00 AM

Actual result

Dates that look like:
2013--08--25 12:00 AM (long hyphens)

Configuration information

I'm implementing timestamps triggered by script when certain fields are edited. That is what is creating the dates in the field.


There might be a way for me to force a certain format to be output on the script level, but this doesn't change the format of already existing timestamps until they are changed again by the script.

Regardless, the way the dropdown is behaving is absolutely bizarre. I don't think it should be doing that.