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Daylight Saving bug in FMSA10

Question asked by barefootguru on Mar 22, 2009
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Daylight Saving bug in FMSA10

Description of the issue

New Zealand is currently in the period of daylight saving which was extended in 2007.  i.e. pre-2007 we'd now be on standard time, but currently we're still on daylight saving for another week. - The FileMaker Server Admin Console, Overview screen, is showing an hour slow, as is the server start time on the same screen. - Entries in the log are an hour behind and show 'NZST' - FileMaker Server Schedules and Windows show the correct time. Windows Server 2003 SP2.  Java 1.6.0_07.  I tried applying Java tzupdater-1.3.11-2008i and rebooting but same story. Windows is set to UTC ('GMT') +12, Auckland/Wellington, New Zealand.