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DDR issue with Summary fields using Additional Fields

Question asked by nickorr on Apr 6, 2010
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DDR issue with Summary fields using Additional Fields

Description of the issue

There is a bug in the DDR where if you're doing a summary field and that field uses an "Additional" sorted by field, the DDR doesn't report the Table (TO) properly. Detailed description of the issue:When reporting on the DDR the option for "Field/SummaryInfo/AdditionalField/Field" doesn't always include the table.  When you use the first Table/TO in the list, the table attribute is missing.  When it's from a different TO/Table the table attribute appears.  When you delete the TO it's using the table attribute is there, but empty. So it's difficult to distinguish between a missing Table (ie an empty table attribute) and the default table ( no table attribute). Exact steps to reproduce the issue:Create a new file with a single table with a new field that is doing a Summary and has the "Restart summary" option checked.  Choose a field from this single Table/TO for the sorted field ( you will need a total of 4 four fields to set this up).Run the DDR.Note the table attribute listed for the AdditionalField/Field is empty. Add another Table and another field to that table, then change the sort to use the other Table.When you run the DDR the table now appears. Delete the second Table and it's TableOccurrence without altering the summary field.When you run the DDR the table attribute is present, but empty.  Expected Result:The Table attribute should always appear, regardless of which table you choose. Actual Result:The table attribute is inconsistent. Notes:I have a sample file that can demonstrate this completely if required.