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    DDR SAXParseException



      DDR SAXParseException


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      MacOS 10.7.5

      Description of the issue

      SAXParseException: invalid character 0x15 (Occurred in entity '/private/var/folders/Go/GojHIDZzGhyHQZC47i5NdU+++TI/-Tmp-/FMTEMPFM51894894003e.tmp', at line 70797, column 82.)

      During DDR one 1 of 9 files did this 3 times which left the 3 HTML files empty.

      I have seen the other reports and Know Bug List and understand HTML is encountering a INVALID CHARACTER.
      What is an Invalid Character?
      I have narrowed down the files changes using my Time Capsule back up.  One good and one bad.

      I keep track of my Script changes by date and time.

      Is this invalid character in...
      1) Scripts
      2) Comments fields using   //
      3) Comment fields of Database Fields
      4) Relationship Titles
      5) DataBase records
      6) All of the Above

      I don't mind searching but wow, talk about a needle if you don't know where the proverbial Haystack is!!!

      I rarely copy/paste

      I am looking for help searching, since my files are all working fine.  I did a recover and no effect.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      No need to reproduce.

      Expected result

      Define and Find invalid characters.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

      SAXParseException: invalid character 0x15 (Occurred in entity '/private/var/folders/Go/GojHIDZzGhyHQZC47i5NdU+++TI/-Tmp-/FMTEMPFM51894e540058.tmp', at line 70797, column 82.)

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               Hi Jim,

               The other posts you mentioned are taking about calculations field formulas. But you have right : in french we say "chercher une aiguille dans une botte de foin".

               However, i think the problem is not in the database records, because we are talking about design / structure reports... By the way, i am wondering if you can simply send a clone of your database to FMI support for review.

               If i were you, it is exactly what i would do.

               Before that, i suggest you to try a file recover. It may be not relevant but i would prefer verify this before sending the database file.

               Good luck !

               Bye, fred

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                 Thanks for response.  This DB files is in development phase, so records are testing type.  I deleted all the records as a double check. No Luck!  So you and the others were correct there.

                 I did a file recover, errors were found, but the sparse error still remains.

                 The Time Capsule backups, narrows it down to April 26... good... April 29 bad.  In other words changes i made on April 29 caused the error.

                 1) No new Calculation type fields were added.

                 2)About 10 new scripts and 2 new relationships where made, and 6 new fields were added to the tables.

                 I have stared at them and reviewed my documentaion comments and see no Invalid Characters [whatever that means].  

                 FMP is running correctlyyes so the FMP interpreter is NOT seeing Invalid Characterssurprise

                 It would seem that the error message is telling you where to look "at line 70797, column 82."  I have good run, so i could get close to the structure part from the good report to narrow down my search.

            Note the Line count in other reported errors are much smaller than mine.

            I hope FMP helpers can help me focus.


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                   Well well well..... I have more insight now.enlightened

                   Evidently FMP uses Java interpreter to read and parse your database structure and generate that DDR.  Either XML or HTML will reject certain Unicode or ASCII characters.  Thus Parsing errorwink

                   In my case.... invalid character 0x15...  which means Hexidecimal 15 character was incountered in my changes.

              Hex 15 = ^U or Control U   Dec 15 = Control O   Octal 15 = Control 

              I will run a quick DB trying to insert all 3 and see what is displayed.

              Accidental pressing of the Control key versus Shift key is possible and most likely when I have had only one cup of coffeeangry.

              Now I see the "Calculation" reference since there is where "Free form" typing is happening.


              For other to see.

              Hopefully it is HEX and displays as "U" and not invisible.

              I hope this helps others.


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                     On a test DB, I could not get Control U to be accepted by the keyboard.indecision

                     So now I understand the Copy/Paste comment by Tech Service.  Seems like that is the only way to bypass keyboard entry.


                     Is there a way to understand what part of the DDR generation, knowing "at line 70797, column 82."?

                Still searching....


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                       Very strange case, sure !

                       I understand the copy and paste exception but :
                       • Copy from where ? As FileMaker Pro, most of apps don't accept this kind of chars. Maybe from a Web Page ?
                       • Paste where ? Shure not on field data. On calculation formulas ? If true, i suggest that FileMaker Pro remove theses chars when closing the calculation box, as it do for the Function's name for instance : functionnameFunctionName.
                       Bye, Fred
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                         OMG  I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!yes

                         It was in the text field of a Show Custom Dialog.  I remember editing the field perhaps with a select, cut, paste.  

                         It was not visablecrying

                         How i found it.....

                         I switched to XML format and got no error.  But when i opened the XML file there was a error message stating ^U was and encountered and the interpretor STOPPED at that point, leaving a the culprit text field looking like this   "..... re?quired ..."   the text showed "required".  I went to the offending script and Show Custom Dialog and blanked it completly.

                         Reran DDR and wah lahhhhh   no error!!heart

                    How the ^U got there... hhmmmmm.... don't know"

                    I hopes this helps others find their errors....


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                           Well done Jim !

                           Thank you in advance for all users you helped this way...

                           Have a nice week-end,

                           Bye, Fred

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                             I've linked this thread to the existing Known Bugs List database record as a "secondary link". (But it won't be there until I next upload an updated copy to the drop box folder where I keep the publicly available copy.)