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Default background color changes.

Question asked by sandropan on Apr 15, 2014
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Default background color changes.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Mac OS X / Windows

Description of the issue

I've a got a fmp12 file that unexpectedly start to show a strange behaviour:
• The background color changes switching from browse to preview mode.
• The white color (255,255,255) becomes a gold color (color that we used somewhere in the solution, but never as background).
• This issue came after we worked on the same file opened with fm pro adv 13, doing some minor developments, but I cannot be sure that this is a relevant matter.
• When I open the file with fm pro 13 adv things seems to be ok.
• I've tried to recover the file both with fm 12 and 13, but the bug hasn't be fixed and no error is reported.

Steps to reproduce the problem

• I'm not able to reproduce this problem to another file, but if i save a clone copy this will maintain the same behaviour.
• Every new layout on this file maintain the same behaviour.

Note: The file is a part of a very complex solution, distributed to many customers.

Note2: Before to discover this bug we worked on the file, so it would be complex and much expensive to come back to an older backup, but we are very worried about this. That's the reason why your reply will be very appreciated.


Sometimes, opening the layout from inside the layout management, it seems to work properly, but this happens randomly.

As soon as you send me your email I will send you the .FMP12 file
My email is

Sandro Bramati, FBA member, Milan (Italy)