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    Default background color changes.



      Default background color changes.


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X / Windows

      Description of the issue

      I've a got a fmp12 file that unexpectedly start to show a strange behaviour:
      • The background color changes switching from browse to preview mode.
      • The white color (255,255,255) becomes a gold color (color that we used somewhere in the solution, but never as background).
      • This issue came after we worked on the same file opened with fm pro adv 13, doing some minor developments, but I cannot be sure that this is a relevant matter.
      • When I open the file with fm pro 13 adv things seems to be ok.
      • I've tried to recover the file both with fm 12 and 13, but the bug hasn't be fixed and no error is reported.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      • I'm not able to reproduce this problem to another file, but if i save a clone copy this will maintain the same behaviour.
      • Every new layout on this file maintain the same behaviour.

      Note: The file is a part of a very complex solution, distributed to many customers.

      Note2: Before to discover this bug we worked on the file, so it would be complex and much expensive to come back to an older backup, but we are very worried about this. That's the reason why your reply will be very appreciated.


      Sometimes, opening the layout from inside the layout management, it seems to work properly, but this happens randomly.

      As soon as you send me your email I will send you the .FMP12 file
      My email is


      Sandro Bramati, FBA member, Milan (Italy)


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               Enter layout mode, select the body layout part label and check the Appearance tab to see what fill colors are specified for Primary, Alternate and Active.

               White might be the "active" fill color and the color shown here might be the "primary" fill color...

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                 Thank you Phil, that is obviously one of the first things I checked when I've faced with this problem.

                 Unfortunately in my file there are no tricks, no conditional formatting, no FileMaker functions that can cause a similar behaviour.

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                        Thank you Phil, that is obviously one of the first things I checked when I've faced with this problem.

                   If you do not indicate in your post what you have checked, we'll end up helping you check the things already checked...wink

                   What I am describing, BTW, is not a conditional format...

                   It might be useful to upload a shot of this layout taken in layout mode.

                   And you can try recreating this one layout "from scratch" (don't copy and paste any objects from this problem layout) and see if it works for you.

                   You might also run a recover on this file or a very recent back up copy of it to check for possible damage to your file.

                   PS. are all the <table missing> items shown here expected? or might they also be indications that something has changed with your file?

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                     Hi Phil, thanks for your answer. Any new layout created from scratch got the same problem. As i wrote in my post I've tried to recover the file both with fm 12 and 13, but nothing changed and no problems are detected. Yes, field and relation missing are expected, this file is part of a solution build in data separation model, and I've deleted all the external data sources and the relations. The file is perfectly working, no other strange behaviour.



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                       Sandro -

                       Perhaps posting (or otherwise making available) a clone of this file with one or two layouts showing the problem would be helpful in tracking down what is going on.

                       FileMaker, Inc.

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                         What effect does changing the theme have on this?

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                           Here is the file… have fun!


                           Phil: As you can try, when I apply a theme it works fine, unless the theme has a white background color, showed as gold in preview mode, as usual.

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                             Sandro -

                             Thanks for the file.

                             He is potentially part of the issue.  

                             In FileMaker Pro 13 you can apply a background to the Body part and you can apply a background to the entire layout.  The background for the part "overlays" the background for the layout.

                             In your example, your "blank_layout" layout has a solid color fill of white for the Header, Body, and Footer.  But the entire layout itself has a greenish background.  If you changed the solid color fill for the body to be "none" then the greenish background would display in Browse mode too.

                             So I suspect you maybe started with a theme that had a layout background, but in changing the background for your layouts you applied backgrounds for your parts instead of using the layout background attribute.  So the greenish color is still there, but is "buried" under the part fills that you applied.

                             And the fact that the behavior changes when you switch themes confirms the above as the theme would change the fill colors of the parts and the overall layout as well.

                             So, in your case, if you change the layout background color to "none" or whatever you want it to be then you should be OK going forward.

                             FileMaker, Inc.

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                               But why would the layout background color "Show through" in preview mode? That would appear to be a bug here.

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                                 I did a search in our bug database but I did not see this issue reported as a known bug.

                                 I suspect this might have something to do with flip-flopping back and forth between FileMaker Pro v12 and FileMaker Pro v13.  The layout background attribute is a v13 "feature" and therefore v12 may or may not interpret it correctly just like v12 would not know what to do with a slide panel or popover.  

                                 I cannot reproduce this issue with a straight v13 file.  I create a file, apply a layout background to it, apply different fills to the Body and other displayed parts, and when I look at my layout in either Browse or Preview the look the same - both showing the fills of my parts as I'd expect.

                                 Now, how you got your file in the state that it is in is an interesting question.  In the short term you can adjust the part and overall layout background fills accordingly.

                                 FileMaker, Inc.

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                                   It took me about 30 seconds to reproduce this behavior all in FileMaker 13.

                                   a) Apply contrasting fill colors to layout background and layout parts on a classic themed layout.

                                   b) in layout setup, select the "Delineate" check box.

                                   c) Preview the layout.

                                   If you clear the delineate option the layout part background color appears. If you select the Delineate, it does not.

                                   This was with a file originally created as a .fp7 file and then converted. (a copy of the Known Bugs List database.)

                                   When I then tried to reproduce this with a brand new file created in FileMaker 13, I was unable to reproduce this. Thus, it appears to need three, possibly four requirements:

                                   A file from an older version

                                   Delineate must be selected

                                   Contrasting layout background fill color

                                   and maybe only with "classic" themed layouts at that...

                                   Changing the theme fixes this because selecting the theme changes the layout back ground color.



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                                     Thank you for the extensive testing.

                                     I have forwarded this entire forum thread and your observations to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will post here again.

                                     FileMaker, Inc.

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                                       I apologize for the late reply.

                                       This issue only occurs with the Classic Theme.  A solid white color background is treated as transparent.  No other information is available at this time.

                                       FileMaker, Inc.