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default drop shadow effect for pop-up menu not modifiable?

Question asked by JanWalker on Jul 24, 2009
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default drop shadow effect for pop-up menu not modifiable?

Description of the issue

I observe that pop-up menus have a drop shadow effect by default.  It appears in Layout, Browse, and Preview, so I guess would appear in Print too although I haven't tried that.  I don't want to have this effect for pop-up menu fields but I don't see how to get rid of it.  The field doesn't have borders and when I select "effects" from the layout formatting bar drop down, it shows "none" as the default for those fields.  So choosing None again doesn't help any.  How do I get rid of it? And a related question, has anyone found a really technically definitive description of the user interface behavior of pop-up menu and drop-down list?  They don't seem to operate by default the same way for data entry in fmp10 as they did in fmp7.  I want to know exactly how these input methods are designed to work and what the options imply without stating. Thanks for any help.User since Filemaker 3.