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Delete Portal Row not working in IWP on graphic buttons in portals

Question asked by Adrian_S on Jun 4, 2009
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Delete Portal Row not working in IWP on graphic buttons in portals

Description of the issue

BUG: Deleting a Record in a Portal in IWP: a native (i.e. text-based) button deletes the row OK, but a graphic button does nothing. Both types of button work OK in client. Note: I have a small .fp7 file that demonstrates this bug  simply, if you need it. 1. Exact steps to reproduce the problem.   CREATING THE DATABASE:  a) Create two tables.  b) Relate the two tables with an equi-join.  c) Create a container global field. Name it e.g. 'Delete'.  d) In Browse Mode, enter any graphic in it.  e) In Layout Mode, 'Delete' -> Button Setup… -> Delete Portal Row.  f) Create new layout. Name it e.g. 'With Portal'.  g) Create a portal.  h) Add the graphic button 'Delete' to the top-most portal row.  i) Add a native (i.e. text-based) button to the same portal row.  j) Native button -> Button Setup… -> Delete Portal Row.  k) Create another layout. Name it e.g. 'No Portal'. Views -> List View.  l) Add both buttons to the Body part.    TESTING THE DATABASE:  m) Add a few records on both layouts.  n) Login via IWP.  o) Go to layout 'With Portal'.  p) Try deleting portal rows by clicking on the graphic button. Incorrectly, *no* rows will be deleted.  q) Delete some portal rows by clicking on the native button. Rows *will* be deleted. 2. Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared. None:  a) No message is displayed to user.  b) No error message is added to the 'application.log'. 3. Include additional configuration information that you think is relevant to the problem. FMPA 10.0v2.IWP: FileMaker Web Publishing 10.0v2.OS: Windows Vista Business SP1. Work-around:Use a native (i.e. text-based) button instead.