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Delete related records relation applied to all open files

Question asked by on May 9, 2012
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Delete related records relation applied to all open files


FileMaker Pro


FileMaker Pro 11 Advanced 11.0v3

Operating system version

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Description of the issue

A file containing tables that do not have the "Delete related record..." option enabled will have it applied when another file that references the two tables and has a "Delete related record..." relationship is opened in FileMaker at the same time as the file without the relation.

Steps to reproduce the problem

1. Create a file called "Main" with two tables, "Header" and "Details".
2. Create an ID field in Header and a HeaderID field in Details.
3. Make a new record in Header and set a value of "1" in ID.
4. Make a new record in Detail and set a value of "1" in HeaderID.
5. Create a new file called "Reference" and add the first file "Main" as a data source.
6. Add occurrences of the Header and Detail tables to the "Reference" file. Join the two occurrences via the ID and HeaderID fields and enable the "Delete related records..." for the Detail table occurrence. (deleting a record from Header will delete a record from Detail)
7. With both "Main" and "Reference" opened in FileMaker, select "Main" and delete the record created in 3. from the Header table. This should also delete the record from Detail.

Expected result

Only the record from Header should be deleted since the file/layout from which the record was deleted ("Main") does not contain any relation between the two tables.

Actual result

Any records from Detail that are related to Header (via the relationship in "Reference") are deleted.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



Having only "Main" opened in FileMaker will not cause the records in Detail to be deleted.