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Delete Rule for portal override bug

Question asked by disabled_scibidoo on Jul 6, 2011
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Delete Rule for portal override bug


FileMaker Pro


11.0v3 (previously reported with 10)

Operating system version

MacOS X and Windows

Description of the issue

We first discovered this disturbing bug in Filemaker 10 on a large project. When you create a portal on a layout and then you check that the Portal Setup has the Allow Deletion of Portal Records de-selected. Certain operations allow you to select a portal row, press the Delete button on the keyboard and delete a portal row.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I created a file called test, with the primary table called test. Then i created 2 fields, _kp_key and name then I created another table called Person with _kf_key and name for the fields. I then created a relationship between the two tables with an auto create relationship.

Place the portal for person on the Test layout, add the name field for person in the portal row and then add a text object in the portal row. Using the button setup on this text object use the set field step and set the name field in the Test table to its self. (in other examples this can set the value from the related record).

In Browse Mode, add a few lines to the portal row. (Exit the record to commit the changes) Then click the text object button. Then press the Delete key on the keyboard and you are asked if you wish to delete the related record.

The issue is also replicable in Windows 7 Professional. (Who wants to use xp these days *cheeky grin* ;) )

Expected result

As the Delete Portal Row is not selected you expect to not be able to delete the Portal Row.

Actual result

The portal row is deleted.


A Commit Records step which shifts the focus from the portal addresses this problem.