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      delete script


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      I created a button on my layout with the settings to delete record. When I hit this button it gives me the warning do I really want to delete this record. Sometimes when I hit ok it will delete the record, other times it will delete all the found records. I can't find any reason for it to do this so I think its a bug.

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          Do you have the delete option enabled on a table occurrence of related records in Manage | Database | Relationships? That option can produce a "cascading delete" where deleting one record deletes all matching records in a related table and this can domino over multiple relationships. In a self join relationship, this option can delete records in the same table.

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             That sounds like exactly what is happening. What is the best way to avoid this?

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              Don't use that option without first carefully examining the results that will be produced when you delete a record. When in doubt, don't specify that option. This is a specific setting in the relationship dialog that pops up when you double click a relationship line between two table occurrences. It's very useful when properly used, very dangerous when improperly set up... It's not the default setting so you won't have an issue with it unless you specifically select that option.

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                 Ok, I've found the problem. Thank you so much, I thought it was a bug.