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Deleting "out of control" scripts

Question asked by AGryder on Apr 1, 2011
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Deleting "out of control" scripts


FileMaker Pro



Description of the issue

I am VERY new to designing scripts and have designed a script so that if a sales order total is over the credit limit a dialogue box will appear that says "stop! need credit approval!" with "OK "and "CANCEL" buttons,  however I added a line at the end of the script (cannot remember which one) that now causes the dialogue box to appear ALL THE TIME and I cannot click OK or CANCEL and get it to disappear.  Because of this all of the buttons at the top of my screen are greyed out and I cannot click on anything except the constant "OK" or "CANCEL".  I need to delete this script.  I have tried to find the script by opening another "layout" within the database, but it only brings up the scripts related to that layout.