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Design Functions Such As "LayoutObjectNames" Require "Layout Name" As Parameter Which Is Not...

Question asked by mleering on Dec 6, 2011
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Design Functions Such As "LayoutObjectNames" Require "Layout Name" As Parameter Which Is Not Necessarily Unique


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Win XP

Description of the issue

I'm working with a system that is designed using landing pages (much like DevCon2Go).  Because of this fact, several layouts have been named identically.  When using identical layout names, it makes it quite easy for a user to know the context that they're working with.  Regardless of whether they're on a layout designed for form view, or one designed for list view, it might still be named "People".  Because of this, design functions fail to work properly.  When I use a function call such as "LayoutObjectNames ( Get ( fileName ) ; Get ( layoutName ) )" it seems to arbitrarily select one of the layouts with the current layout's name.  I have tried making sure that the layout I want to get layout object names from has the smallest ID, and I have also tried making sure that it has the smallest layoutNumber.  Neither of which seem to make a difference

Steps to reproduce the problem

Sufficient details are provided in the description

Expected result

Ultimately, I would expect design functions to accept a layoutID or at very least a layoutNumber.

Failing that, I would at least expect them to work with a sequential order of some sort.  If for whatever reason, the design functions MUST be limited to only using a layoutName, then I would expect that it would always pick the same layout.  Be it the layout with the smallest ID (that matches given name), or the layout with the smallest layoutNumber (that matches given name).

Actual result

For whatever reason, I have this function working on some layouts, and not others, and cannot determine the rhyme or reason.  In some cases, it's always pulling from a list-view layout, even though that is the one with the middle-most ID, and is middle-most in my layout number order.  I have tried duplicating layouts, and deleting the originals so that it would give them new ID #s etc... however, this did not help.