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Developer Utility - Runtime Solution Error

Question asked by on Nov 24, 2012
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Developer Utility - Runtime Solution Error


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Lion 10.7.5

Description of the issue

I'm having trouble building a runtime solution. When I go to build the solution the following message appears. 'The file "deutsalt.mpr" could not be opened (Not Found). I can send a screen shot of the message if needed.
I have looked in the FMI Runtime Resources and the files are there (Extensions - Dictionaries) - The files have a creation date 2008.
I have been using Filemaker Pro Advanced from Version 7 onwards and have not had this issue before. I have used the Upgrade program to update each time I have updated from one version to the next.
I have Filemaker Pro 12 Advanced 12.0.3 running on Lion 10.7.5
I have re-installed Version 12 three times - the problem occurs in the original install and is still a problem even after you install the updates - I tried after 12.0.2 as well as 12.0.3.
I have tried installing on my partners system (Snow Leopard and still experience exactly the same issues.

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

Screen shot attached