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    Dialog-box resizing doesn't "stick"



      Dialog-box resizing doesn't "stick"


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Mac OS X 10.9.2

      Description of the issue

      I create a custom dialog box. When I activate it, it's too small for me to see the entire message. I enlarge it. On my computer, it STAYS enlarged every subsequent time I look at it. On my client's computer, however, it reverts to the original too-small size.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      See above. It happens consistently.

      Expected result

      The file will remember the desired size for the dialog box.

      Actual result

      It doesn't.

      Exact text of any error message(s) that appear



      Verbally telling the client what they have to do to see the whole message — which works only if they realize there's still more of the message to be seen and ask me about it.

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               Richard S. Russell:

               Thank you for your post.

               What are the differences between your machine and the client's computer?  Are you both accessing the file as a guest?

               If the default dialog box is not large enough, have you considered opening a new window and sizing it appropriately?

               Any other information you can provide may be helpful.

               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 We are both running on Macs. My client is using an older version of OS X, because she still has the little grabby grid in the lower-right corner of the dialog box. I'm running the latest version of OS X (10.9.2), so I can resize the dialog box from any edge.

                 I think she's still running FMP 12, whereas I'm on 13.0v3.

                 She's running as a guest of their server, whereas, when I get the files from them to work on, I'm running them directly on my own computer as the sole user.

            If the default dialog box is not large enough, have you considered opening a new window and sizing it appropriately?

                 Golly, if we've got the ability to create a custom dialog box right from within a script, wouldn't you think it should also have the ability to remember its own size? Or give us developer control over the sizing, the way we have with the "Open New Window" command? I shouldn't have to manually replicate all the work that the "Custom Dialog Box" does for me automatically.

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                   What TSGal suggested as a work around is a well known alternative to using Show Custom Dialog.

                   Instead of Show Custom Dialog, you use the New Window script step to create a new window followed by Go to Layout to select a layout to use with that window.

                   Not only does this allow you to specify the size and location of such a dialog--which can be set up as a modal dialog just like Show Custom Dialog, it allows you to use the full tool box of layout design features in creating your "dialog box"--such as using input fields with value list formats and conditional formatting.

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                     Yes, I know of this workaround. I've used it myself in other situations. I also know that is a workaround, intended to compensate for a missing feature in the basic product. And that the "work" part of "workaround" is relevant, because it does indeed take work.

                     But why should I need a workaround? Why doesn't "Custom Dialog Box" provide this ridiculously simple service of remembering its own size, the same way that every other window in FileMaker Pro does?

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                            But why should I need a workaround?

                       You may need to use New Window for the obvious reason that you might not be able to get the results that you need if you don't. (The purpose of this thread is to document bugs and also to identify work arounds after all.) But keep in mind that this was a suggestion to get things working for your client in the short term and one made before TSGal even had all the details about your set up in order to explore whether or not there is an issue with Show Custom Dialog that can be reproduced on her end.

                       Given the great many things that you can do with such a window that you cannot do with a custom dialog, I cannot really consider New WIndow to be a "work around" in the sense that we usually use for that term here in this part of the forum.

                       I find that I rarely use custom dialog except for:

                  1.           Short read only text messages to the user
                  3.           Script/script trigger debugging--particularly in FileMaker Go where you can't use Advanced's Script Debugger.

                       Once I want that dialog to receive user entered data, the limitations of Show Custom Dialog Input fields make them a poor second choice for using New WIndow. (And I have one solution where I set up a script for showing user messages all with New Window because some work stations use two monitors and I had to be sure that the desired message appeared on the correct monitor.)

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                         Richard S. Russell:

                         Thank you for the additional information.

                         When you open a local file, you are able to make a number of changes to window placement, size, etc.  When you share the file, the guests will open the file to the settings you last had.  If the guest moves the file to a different location and changes the window size, closes the file, and reopens the file, it will appear back in its original place and size; not the new place and size.

                         Having two different versions of Filemaker Pro (12/13) should not cause an issue unless you incorporated some FileMaker Pro 13 features that are not available in FileMaker Pro 12.

                         FileMaker, Inc.

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                           So, Phil, I take it that what you're really saying is that I should have made this case under "feature requests" instead of "bug reports"?

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                             Not at all. But the post from TSGal would suggest that.