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Different results in Script from Leopard to Snow Leopard

Question asked by jasonfotter on Feb 24, 2011
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Different results in Script from Leopard to Snow Leopard


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I have a database that was built off the Product Catalog Template and am having issues with Snow Leopard.  I have a Script that generates a page of thumbnails by entering preview mode, Copying the image to the clipboard, pasting that image into a container and using that container as a background with buttons over the top.  It basically gives me a way to only show 20 records at a time and lays them out in a grid of 5X4.

The Copy Step seems to be very intermittent on Snow Leopard.  I do not have this problem at all on Leopard or Windows 7.  This database is used on both platforms with no issues.  I know it's the copy step because when the script does not work properly there is nothing on the clipboard to paste in The Finder or other applications.

Below is an image of the Script and the resulting window showing the layout of thumbnails.  When the script fails the thumbnails do not update.  There are next and previous buttons that trigger the script.