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    Difficulty synch



      Difficulty synch


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      Just wondering why synchronization between computer and iphone with this program is so complex with an expensive product when companies such as evernote who are providing a similar service seem to provide a great product which synchronizes across all devices with nil setup on the users behalf.

      Just want the product more user friendly such that you can synch through a host server which houses and updates all the info when you sync. . . I would be more than happy to pay. Also would love not to place this on a forum but it is impossible to find a link anywhere on the apple site which allows you to provide useful feedback via email . . .

      Sincerely - A longtime apple user.

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          Ben Simpson:

          Thanks for posting!

          You could also connect to a hosted database and edit it in realtime along with everyone else. This would eliminate the need for a syncing option altogether. If that's not a possibility, you might want to check out the following knowledge base answer on other syncing options:


          Regardless of the approach that you decide to take, I highly recommend submitting this as a feature request here:


          Requests submitted through the link above are reviewed and considered for future releases by our Development and Product Management departments.


          FileMaker, Inc.

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            Synchronization that for something with the potential for multiple tables and multiple users like FileMaker can, in theory, be either very simple or extremely complex. It's that open ended range of potential pitfalls that keeps this from being a trivial issue. Many products, can't speak to the one you mention specifically, often "solve" the problem by simplifying the issue. When you "synch" they typically overwrite the oldest data with the newest data and call that "synched" data. For a single user with one copy on a base unit such as a filemaker Pro database and one copy as a mobile unit in FileMaker Go, that will work well and you can script such a synch process fairly easily by addidng modification timestamps fields to all your tables and comparing them during a scripted import.

            For cases where you might have two or more users simultaneously modifying data, however, such a simplified approach can fail miserably with changes made by user A being superseded by User B's changes simply because User B edited the record last--when the correct "synch" might be the opposite or even to merge the edits made by both users--requiring user input to control the update on a record by record basis.

            Add the fact that you may have from 1 to 20 or more tables to be synched in a single FileMaker system and you can see why a "synch" process wasn't set up for still early days version of FileMaker Go.