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Disabled cookies -hange the IWP and admin cosole

Question asked by Nitro on Jun 24, 2010
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Disabled cookies -hange the IWP and admin cosole

Description of the issue

We have a filemaker server 11 running on a MAC We seem to have a problem where IWP just stops working admin console is not working. It suddenly stops working randomly.We have to use the console to try and get the iwp and admin console working again. Apon further investigations we realised that when turning of cookies in your browser and you try to log into the filemaker shared file via iwp your browser starts looping (reloading the page – if this explains what is happening). Once this starts happening the log file grows rapidly (PE logfile) We have mostly figured out that it happens with chrome and firefox. Is this a bug in filemaker ? or could this be a configuration problem somehow.We have tested this with the following versions and they all do the same thing.fms 9 on mac,fms 10 win server 2003fms 11 mac to test we have hosted a file (even the sample file and created accounts)we then disable cookies in the browser and try to log into the file ( sometimes it works, but often with firefox its hangs and the we eventually get a "internal server error") with some of the other files  we dont get the error but the page somehow tries to continuously reload , while this is happening we try to connect to the same server from a dofferent machine. iwp does not seem to be working at this point. we have to stop iwp and start it again to get the files hosted via IWP. your guidence and assistance will be greatly appreciated.     does anybody offer some assistance?we are not sure why this is happening