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Disappear Title Bar and Header Buttons

Question asked by disabled_JackRodgers on Aug 28, 2011
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Disappear Title Bar and Header Buttons


FileMaker Go



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Description of the issue

1) In Form View when I finger scroll downward, the Title Bar disappears. The title bar is an important feature and should not scroll upwards. This does not happen in List View. Unfortunately this is a legacy design issue that is decades old, why include it in a new product?

2) In Form View the header part of the layout scrolls upward so I cannot use that to warehouse my buttons which also scroll out of view. The header should not scroll so we can use it for navigation. It remains in place in the list view...

Why is the title bar fixed in list view but scrolls out of sight in Form View?

Why does the header stay put in list view but scrolls out of sign in Form View?

Please fix...

Steps to reproduce the problem

Open a form view long enough to scroll and scroll.

Expected result

The title bar should not disappear and the buttons in a header portion should stay put.

Actual result

Title bar and header buttons scroll out of sight...