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disappearing buttons in footers in FMGO

Question asked by ThirdBrain on Sep 27, 2012
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disappearing buttons in footers in FMGO


FileMaker Go


GO 12.05

Operating system version

FM 12

Description of the issue

This used to be an issue a few releases ago, but all got fixed, but with the new update a few days ago, it all went bad again.

The issue is that buttons created and placed in a footer disappear randomly.  They work perfect in FM12 Advanced on my desktop, but when on the iPad or iPhone buttons do not show up or are not in line.  Clicking on a sort button in a header, somehow makes them show up.  The previous work around was to top justify items in a footer and it fixed it most often, until it was fixed at the FM level, which it was.  The most recent update, makes my app non-fuctional AGAIN, since I put navigation for iOS devices in the footer as they are easier to use.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It appears pretty random.  I can fix some screens and then it happens to others.  Feels like I am having to touch or rebuild all of my layouts.  Like I said, clicking on a sort or find button function makes them appear, for what feels like no reason.

Expected result

I expect a button to work where I place it.  Worked great before the latest update.

Actual result

Buttons moves vertically, whether anchored to the top or bottom of the footer and sometimes displays.

Image #1 shows lack of buttons displaying in the footer.  Clicking on a sort to find just women's product makes the buttons display.  Happens on both dark or light backgrounds with contrasting button colors.


Used to be that anchoring a button to the top of the footer worked, but that seems to have no affect in this latest flair-up.

No useful ones at this point!