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    Disappearing Portal field FM13



      Disappearing Portal field FM13


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      OSX  10.10

      Description of the issue

      I posted this earlier but this time I took screen shots of the field as it disappears from both portal and layout. The duplicated field is visible when created and modified but then disappears except for bounding box when moved to another spot inside the portal row and inside the boundary of another field over which I wish it to appear with a nonexistent background. (Is this the same as solid but transparent?). When clicked off it disappears completely from the portal and layout.

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      See images below.


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          Benjamin Fehr

          Does this still appear after you selected the field and put it to front?

          (Arrange / Bring to Front)

          There's also some Voodoo behaviour in portal rows. Move field into portal row with arrow-key's first, instead of coordinates with inspector. Once inside portal, you can adjust with inspector and coordinates after switching to Browse- and back to Layout-Mode first.

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            The image I posted was AFTER I had moved the field with the move arrow, and selected arrange, bring to front. When I subsequently click off the new field, it completely disappears from the layout. The indication of field selection disappears from the selected field frame as soon as the field object is moved from FM's initial "duplicated" placement.  In the screen shot below, I compare the position of the new field one click of down arrow outside of portal box where all is well. When it is then clicked up one click to be entirely in the portal row,, the field box seems to lose its field assignment and when clicked off, completely disappears from the layout as if it had been an empty (uninitiated) field box or similar text box. ALSO: when I click move ANY EXISTING FIELD within the portal, it too disappears from the portal and the layout as well. This happens with an arrow nudge that is entirely WITHIN the portal row box.. Something very wrong here. I removed the show only conditions from the portal thinking that might have been the problem, but the fields still disappear when nudged. 

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              The field does not look like it is "owned" by the portal. Try positioning it with the mouse to be fully within the boundaries of the portal row before releasing the mouse button. If you use alignment tools to pull the field inside the portal, there's a good chance that the field is not correctly "owned" by the portal. (If so "owned", moving the portal also moves the field.)

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                By initially moving the portal it is clear that the duped field is not initially owned by portal, but when I use any and all positioning methods to place it totally within the portal row, the field loses its field definition ("StyleC") and it is impossible to see if it moves with portal as clicking off it causes it to totally disappear from the portal and the layout as well. I have used this method of building up overlaying fields in a portal in FM pro 12 with no problem. I am very suspicious that this problem is related to the "show" calculation property of the portal object not functioning properly. 

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                  Can you reproduce this in a different brand new file?

                  You are using OS 10.10 which has a number of documented "teething" issues with Filemaker. If you have another computer not running 10.10, can you test this same file on it to see if you get the same behavior?

                  "Hide Object When"--what I am guessing you mean by the "calculated show property" should not affect the appearance or behavior of the field while you are in layout mode.

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                    I will attempt to kick the can a bit with other configurations later today.  Re: "Hide Object When", was mentioned only as potential place where code hic-ups might be hiding such as unexpected retention of some condition under unusual circumstances or flawed 10.10 code for example.  I have verified that FM Pro 12 over 10.10 seems to maintain duplicated fields, although I have a vague memory of a portal itself disappearing. BTW have run "recovery" on this latest version of my FM application and all was reported to be well.

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                      BTW have run "recovery" on this latest version of my FM application and all was reported to be well.

                      That was a good idea but while it makes the idea that your file is damaged less likely, it does not fully rule out that possibility. Testing this issue with a brand new "from scratch" test file is the best way to test that hypothesis.