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Disappearing portal scroll bars in FileMaker Go!

Question asked by scottworld on Dec 4, 2014
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Disappearing portal scroll bars in FileMaker Go!


FileMaker Go



Operating system version

iOS 8.1.2

Description of the issue

We have stumbled upon the world's most annoying bug with FileMaker Go 13.0.7 running on iPad! We have a form layout based on the "Enlightened Touch" theme, and we have a portal on the layout. None of the fields within the portal allow field entry when in browse mode, which means that the user can use their finger anywhere within the portal to scroll up & down within the portal. HOWEVER, when the user scrolls through the portal, the PORTAL SCROLL BAR COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS!! What this means is that the user HAS NO IDEA where they are located within the portal anymore! The only way to get the portal scroll bar to reappear is to have the user touch OUTSIDE the portal altogether! How can FileMaker allow a bug like this to get into the shipping product? Please fix!