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Discrepancies with FileMaker's interactive container fields

Question asked by scottworld on Mar 2, 2015
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Discrepancies with FileMaker's interactive container fields


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OS X 10.9.5

Description of the issue

We have an interactive container field that allows users to import a PDF file into it via a script that uses the "Insert file" script step.

FileMaker Go REQUIRES that the interactive container field MUST have its "field entry" enabled for "browse mode". Otherwise, the users can NOT scroll through a multi-page PDF file within FileMaker. If its field entry is DISABLED for browse mode, the users can no longer scroll through the multi-page PDF file within FileMaker anymore.

However, once field entry is enabled for an interactive container field in browse mode, there is no way to prevent the user from completely removing the PDF file from the container field. All the user has to do is click into the interactive container field, hit the forward-delete key on their keyboard (or choose "Clear" from the "Edit" menu), and the PDF file is removed. Even if we remove the menu command "Clear" altogether (using custom menus), the user can STILL just click into the interactive container field, and then hit forward-delete on their keyboard, and it is gone.

The problem gets SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE in FileMaker Go. When viewing the interactive container field in FileMaker Go, as soon as the user taps the container field, FileMaker Go gives them a pop-up menu with full ability to delete the PDF file, replace the PDF file, insert a new PDF file, replace it with a signature, take a photo, etc.

How can we allow the users to take advantage of the "interactive" (i.e. PDF scrolling) features of the container field, but lock it down so that they can't delete the PDF file?