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Double click issue

Question asked by ChrisPink on Jun 24, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2015 by Benjamin Fehr


Double click issue


FileMaker Pro


12.0.1, 11 all versions

Operating system version

MacOS 10.6.8 (and earlier)

Description of the issue

This has been an issue since 11 on various MacOS systems, is occasional doesn't cause a huge problem because the workaround is so simple.

So I only just got around to reporting it.

Single clicking on anything in a layout has no result. Everything requires a double click. Affects tabs, fields, container and buttons.

Steps to reproduce the problem

It's an occasional problem, say once every 20 openings.

Configuration information

It's on a variety of different MacOS, computers and Filemaker versions - ie it's been around for years.


SImple. Quit and reopen filemaker.