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Double clicking in container fields no longer opens files

Question asked by greenex on Jul 5, 2012
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Double clicking in container fields no longer opens files


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7, Server 2008, OS X Lion

Description of the issue

Filemaker 12 does not allow files stored in containers to be opened by double clicking the file.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Upgraded databases from V11 to V12 and none of our many (very many) container fields open by double clicking the file stored inside.  Also, new databases created using V12 do not support double clicking files stored inside containers.

Expected result

I expected files stored inside of container fields to open when double clicking the file.  This is how it worked in V11.  We expected to have additional functionality when upgrading to V12, not less functionality.

Actual result

Files stored in containers no longer open when double clicking the file.  Apparently this feature has been removed.

Configuration information

Our databases are very dependent on using lots of container fields.  We must have the ability to double click a file stored in a container field and open it directly, not exporting to our desktops and opening it from our computers.  This takes way too much time and adds too much work for the number of container fields we use.  The interactive PDF containers are nice, but we also use pictures, Word, Excel, and many other file types.