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    Double Prints



      Double Prints


      FileMaker Pro



      Operating system version

      Windows 7

      Description of the issue

      When I print a record for two copy I get 4 pages, when I print 3 copies I get 9 pages


      I've tried to uninstall and reinstall FileMaker but unsuccesfully. The problem is only for FileMaker prints

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               Hi Stefania,

               Before investigating this case, could you please answer theses questions :

               • What content for each page ? The same or each part of the entire layout ?

               • What is the print option checked "Record being browsed" or "Active record" ? I guess the first but just to be sure...

               • When appeared this issue ? Did you modify something like the layout, the printer driver etc...

               Please let me know

               Bye, Fred

          PS : Please note that 6.0 is very old and Windows 7 quite recent. If your use is professionnal, It could be a good idea to update your FileMaker...

          PPS : Excuse me for my bad english.

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             Hi Fred, - the same content for each page - sorry I don't know where I can find this options about printer: FileMaker or Device and printers? - it occured after the upgrade of o.s. from Windows xp to windows 7, but other people works with the same o.s and have not this problem. I know it is an old version, but we have some reasons to keep this versione, we have also the newest. Thanks for your help and don't worry for english, for it's the same.. BR Stefania
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                   Mmmh, i am not sure to understand :


                        for two copy I get 4 pages, when I print 3 copies I get 9 pages


              - the same content for each page -


              Are they different records printed or not (sorry, THAT would be the better question first) ?

                   To answer you, the print Records option to ckeck is located on the top of the same print window where you also define the number of copies (i hope it was already the same with the 6.0).

                   Are your colleagues using the same file as you (hosted by a server) or not ?

                   I also hope you aren't victim of this issue (please read the thread below) :

              printing issue.

                   And let me know...

                   Bye, Fred