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Double styled TrueType and OpenType fonts on Mac OS X

Question asked by Fred(CH) on Sep 10, 2013
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Double styled TrueType and OpenType fonts on Mac OS X


FileMaker Pro


12 and older

Operating system version

Mac OS X only (10.8 and older)

Description of the issue

When TrueType or OpenType fonts are using multiple files (one for each style) like for instance, Arial, Time New Roman, Tahoma and most of standard fonts on Mac OS X, two main problems are occurring :

1 ) All the font files are displayed on FileMaker font's menu. For instance, the user and the developer will see this on the Font's menu :
Arial Bold
Arial Italic
Arial Bold Italic
Imagine what is the result when 120 fonts are installed with *.ttf multiple files...

2 ) Worse : When you apply a bold or an italic style with inspector's buttons, FileMaker IS STYLING THE STYLED FONT. That means, FileMaker is adding bold on bold version of the font. Result : double-bolded. It is the same for Italic...

3 ) If you deactivate a bold or italic version with the Mac OS X Font's Book, the font is sill displayed on FileMaker fonts's menu, even you restarded your computer and even FileMaker cannot display the text with it (normal because the font is gone).

Steps to reproduce the problem

Define a Layout with multiple occurrences of the same text object :
Helvetica (a *.dfont unique file)
Courier (a *.dfont unique file)
Arial (a *.ttf multiple file)
Trebuchet MS (a *.ttf multiple file)
Create a Standard version, a Bold version and an Italic version of all objects with the related inspector's style buttons.
Create one record (even no field is required because they are text objects only)
Print the record

Expected result

Identical than common apps like : Apple TextEdit, Microsoft Word, Apple Page or Adobe InDesign : reasonable bold and Italic style on both fonts.

Actual result

The *.dfont unique file's fonts are normally styled.
But the *.ttf multiple file's fonts are styled as "double bold" and "double-italic".

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear


Configuration information

All recent Mac and FileMaker Configuration are all concerned.


You know what ? There is one :

Use the "Save as PDF" FileMaker command and print your PDF : the style seems correct for all fonts !

There are others, but a bit useless :
B ) Use directly the styled Fonts without applying a style with FM buttons. But your layout will definitely not be rendered correctly on Windows !
C ) Deactivate the Bold and Italic Font Files in your OS : just to test because after that, only FileMaker will be able to produce bold chars with these fonts ;-)