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Drop Down from Invisible Field is Positioned too low on screen.

Question asked by philmodjunk on Jan 20, 2014
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Drop Down from Invisible Field is Positioned too low on screen.


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

Windows 7

Description of the issue

When a Drop down list is deployed from a field made invisible with the new "Hide When" property in the inspector, the drop down list deploys too low on the layout appearing disconnected from the invisible field's location.

I cheerfully admit that I may be using some of the new FileMaker 13 features in a non-standard way, but if this had worked it would have been a new and very nice way to hide an ID field's serial number or UUID when it has been formatted as a drop down list.

It's still a useful trick, but only in FileMaker GO where the issue is not visible do to the "value picker" being deployed at the bottom of the screen or in cases where you don't need the drop down list positioned less than 34 points from the top of the screen.

I discovered this issue when experimenting with an idea to hide the awful looking UUID code in an ID field at the top of a drop down list of names from a value list set up with UUID's in field 1 and Names in field 2. If I put True in the "Hide When" box in the inspector to keep a field always hidden, I can still format it as a drop down list (no arrow feature) and make the drop down list appear by using Go to Field in a script to deploy the drop down list.

This works, but as shown in the composite screen shot included in this report, the drop down list appears disconnected from the name field placed on top of the hidden ID field due to deploying much lower than expected on the screen.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Download the demo file or:

Define a table of look up values with an ID and and name field. Define a table with an fk ID field to serve as the drop down list field and link it in a reationship to the ID field in the look up table.
Main::ID = LookUp::ID

Format Main::ID as a drop down list with Lookup::ID as field 1 and LookUp::ID as field 2. Select this field and enter True into the Hide When box in the inspector so that it is never visible in Browse mode.

Write and perform a script that uses Go to Object or Go to Field to put the cursor in the hidden field and deploy the drop down list. This can also be done in a PopOver. Place the Name Field from Lookup on top of the ID field or the PopOver button.

Expected result

That the drop down list would appear to extend down from the visible name field located on top of the ID field or on top of the pop over button.

Actual result

Drop down list appears disconnected from name field and pop over, appearing about 34 or so points too low on the screen.

Configuration information

The Pop over contains the same ID field also formatted with the same drop down list and with "Hide When" set to True. It was given an Object Name so go to object could be used to put the focus in this copy of the field instead of the other copy set up without a Popover on the same layout.

OnObjectEnter triggers are used to perform the scripts that put the focus in an ID field. A transparent Dummy field located on top of the name and ID fields on the left, with that trigger and the popover has also been set up with the same trigger but a different script.

The file may be downloaded from here:


Both work just fine in FM GO on an iPhone where a picker will appear at the bottom of the screen no matter where the hidden field is located. The right hand popover version produces an interesting visual effect on the iPhone.

In FileMaker Pro, the left hand version can be made to work if you position the hidden field about 34 points higher on the screen than the visible name field and triggering Dummy field.