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Drop Down list acts differently in web version

Question asked by judyr87 on Apr 1, 2011


Drop Down list acts differently in web version


FileMaker Pro

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Description of the issue

I have a drop down list which takes values from another table. When I click on that field in the desktop version the choices are in order - top to bottom; I can type in several letter to select a name (it is a name table.  If I want "smith" I can type in "s" or "sm", etc.); I can type in a name not on the list.  The new name isn't stored in the list, but that's fine.

With the web version - the choices appear bottom to top; if I type in "sm" I get "S" names and then "M" names; I cannot enter any new name.

Steps to reproduce the problem

I am signing in as Admin with no restrictions. Not sure of what you need.  It's a dropdown.
Value List Name - Pick a Name; source - From Field; Name Table::Just a Name.  The values of Just a Name were imported from Excel.  There are 2686 names.

Expected result

Enter "SM" expect list to point to Smith names.  If backspace so field is empty, to be able to enter a new name.  The new name is not saved in the table Name Table.  It is saved in another table with other data.

Actual result

Enter "SM" - First shows "s" names then immediately "m" names.  Cannot backspace or empty field.  Cannot enter a name not in the table.