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    Drop-down Box not updating first selected field



      Drop-down Box not updating first selected field


      FileMaker Pro


      11 Advanced

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      Description of the issue

      I am trying to add a Drop-Down. I have a table that holds patient information and one of the fields in "Nurse"
      I have another table called Nurses" with fields as follows NurseID, NurseName, Etc
      from within a layout I wish to have a drop down list to select the patients nurse.
      The Patients table stores the NurseID

      The drop-down returns the ID number but shows the NurseName
      I have tried all sorts of ways to configure it but I still don't get the result I want

      I would like to be able to select the NursesName from (Nurse table)the drop down list and have it store the correct NurseId in the patient table.
      It will works ok as a pop-up but when the list gets too long it will not be of any good to me

      The Patient:NurseID has a relationship with the Nurse:NurseName

      Any help would be great

      Thank you

      Steps to reproduce the problem

      changing every possible combination

      Expected result

      up date the drop down list to update the value in the Patient table

      Actual result

      showing the NurseID and not NurseName even when display second field is selected


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          I guess what I am trying to do is have the drop-down display the second field from Nurse table and store the first field in the Patients table in the database and not the second which is what it seem to always do

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            That's a key difference between drop down lists and pop up menus. Drop down lists always display the entered value when you exit the field. Pop Ups will display he column 2 value if the value list is set up to hide column 1.

            You can switch to a pop up menu (there are ways to hide the beveled look that it has), or you can define a relationship between the two tables if you have not already done so and then you can place the field from the other table next to the drop down list. There are two ways you can play layout games so that you are using a drop down list, but the 2nd column name field is all that is visible.

            1. Select the arrow option for the field and then resize it until only the arrow is visible. Place this next to the name field from the related table and use Inspector's behavior section on its data tab to deny access to the related field when in browse mode.
            2. Place the drop down list field behind the name field, with browse access prohibited for the name field. Choose a solid fill color for the name field to keep the dropdown field hidden.