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Dropdown Menus and Edit Dialog

Question asked by ralvy on May 25, 2009
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Dropdown Menus and Edit Dialog

Description of the issue

 FileMaker Product(s) involved:FileMaker Pro Advanced 9.0v3, FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.0v2Operating System(s) involved:Windows XP SP 3.Detailed description of the issue:Some dropdown fields (not all) will fail to show the "Edit ..."  option when activated under FMPA 9. The same field, when activated under FMPA 10, will show the "Edit ..." option when activated, but when the "Edit ..." option is chosen, the cursor disappears. In such a case the list is editable, but you're running blind as to where the point of text insertion is. You have to start typing to determine it. The cursor returns after closing the "Edit ..." dialog. Exact steps to reproduce the issue:1.  Create a database2.  Create a text field with a dropdown menu that allows the "Edit ..." option, and assign a Value List to it. 3.  In Browse Mode, enter that field and activate the dropdown. Expected Result: Dropdown menu menu should appear with the "Edit ..." option. If the "Edit ..." option is chosen, I should see a cursor for text insertion. Actual Result:With some such fields (not all), under FMPA 9, the "Edit ..." is not there. With the same such fields under FMPA 10, the "Edit ..." option is there, but presents no cursor for text insertion when that option is chosen.Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared:N/AAny additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue:1.  This problem can't be reproduced with all dropdown fields. Only certain dropdown fields. But when a dropdown field is found that has this problem, it is consistent and always reproducible. I don't yet see the pattern that produces it reliably. If you can't reproduce this problem, let me know and I'll work harder to determine the pattern that produces it.Any workarounds that you have found:Use PopUp fields instead.