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    ean13 True font error in création mode



      ean13 True font error in création mode

      Description of the issue

      Erreur d'attribution de font en mode création  En mode créationdans une rubrique format textele type de font ean13 ttf n'est pas gardé, après la validation la fonte précédente revient En mode utilisationon sait changer le texte en ean13 ttf.La fonte est gardée. Des idées pour solutionner ce problème?Merci

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          Hi gollem,


          Thanks for posting your question.  Are you able to pose your question in English?  If it may be more beneficial to you,  you might want to post your question on the French FileMaker Forum here:



          I hate having to give you a run around, but this particular forum's format is for the English language.  A question in English may not only help me understand your issue, but also the great community here who love to chime in and help (and may not be fluent in French).  


          However, if you choose to post on the French FileMaker Forum link, not only will you be able to speak in your native language, you will also receive some great help from our moderators there along with the community.  





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