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Eek—Random function isn't

Question asked by barefootguru on Feb 2, 2009
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Eek—Random function isn't

Description of the issue

Hi people, Every time I quit FileMaker and relaunch, and create 10 records (command-N or a looping script), I get exactly the same set of 'random' numbers. I've created a test database with a single numeric field called 'rand'.   The field is set to auto-enter a calculated value of 'Int(Random*100)'. Quit and relaunch, run looping script:  8784688217864183018Quit and relaunch, run looping script: 8784688217864183018 Quit and relaunch, hit command-N 10 times: 8784688217864183018 i.e. my database now has 30 records with repeated sets of 'random' numbers. My clients are running FMP 8.5 on various Macs and a server and are having problems on some of their machines, I'm running FMPA 10 on a Mac and having problems everytime. The same problem was mentioned in FileMaker Experts 'Random function not random at all'.  So, 1. This is a bug report 2. Any thoughts on a workaround?  I've been thinking of running an open script with dummy=random, repeated x times based off the system time, but either it'll be too predictable (using the seconds), or too slow (using the timestamp). Cheers