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Elapsed Time Calculation

Question asked by -bc- on May 25, 2009
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Elapsed Time Calculation

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Filemaker Pro Advanced 10.0v1Windows Vista The problem occures when calculating elapsed time at the end/beginning of the day, eg., if start time = 11PM and end time = 12AM (midnight) end time - start time SHOULD = 1 hour, instead the result returned is -23:00:00.  On the other hand, if for a start time you use 12AM or 0AM for start time and 9AM for end time, the result of end time - start time returns 9 hour.  In fact 9AM -12AM SHOULD return the -23:00:00.  I understand the mathmatical quandry here but I think from a user interface prespective it makes more sense to make 12PM be the very last miniscule second of the day and 0 to be the starting instant of the new day.  That way you can have 24 hours in a day by subtracting start time (0) from end time (12PM).  Not Possible at the moment. Best regards, Bruce PS.  I hate reporting "annomallys" w/o also saying how great this program is.  I absolutely love it and I can easilly work around this problem BUT I'm trying to make an application where my users probably won't understand the "work around".