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Email Campaign Management

Question asked by samjs on Oct 28, 2009
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Email Campaign Management

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I am using the "Email Campaign Management" template that came with Filemaker, and I'm having problems sending out my email to a group.  When sending to the selected recipients, It opens the "Apple Mail" program and creates a new email message for each person.  My problems is that the loop on the script does not end.  It continues to create email messages in "Mail" until I force quit Filemaker.  I get the same result when recipients from a group.   One thing I just noticed is that this problem appears only with contact data that I have import into "Email Campaign Management".  When I did the import, I selected "Perform Auto Enter Options".  I have had the same problem with an earlier version of "Email Campaign".  I have tried it with Filemaker 8.5, 9 and 10 with no success.   Thanks for your help.