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Email won't go to my 'draft' folder in Mail

Question asked by KellyBryarly on Aug 23, 2012
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Email won't go to my 'draft' folder in Mail


FileMaker Pro



Operating system version

OSX 10.8

Description of the issue

Email won't go to my 'draft' folder in Mail .... when I send an email (from the file menu), the email sends immediately instead of going to my ''drafts' folder in mail. This is the case even when my email script preference (Perform without dialog) is left UN-checked. I know that when you select this option by 'checking' it ... the email should send immediately, but I want to review my email before it goes out.

In FMP 11, filemaker would send the email to my 'draft' folder, open Mail, then I could check it out and send it if I wanted to. This is how the program is supposed to work, but FMP 12 doesn't on my system.