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Empty MySQL records created in FileMaker shown in MySQL but not in FileMaker

Question asked by p-drodro-p on Feb 26, 2009


Empty MySQL records created in FileMaker shown in MySQL but not in FileMaker

Description of the issue

FileMaker Product(s) involved: Filemaker Pro 10 (Trial Version)   Operating System(s) involved: Windows XP Professional   Detailed description of the issue: After connecting to the MySQL database's table as an external data source, I tried to add new records to it. It works fine when I am trying to create new record one by one. When I tried to add 10 empty records to the table (pressing the new record button 10 times), only 2 were created as shown in FileMaker. But when I checked the actual MySQL table, there were 9 NULL records being created. Then I enter "ABC" in one of the two empty records using FileMaker, I found that 8 of those NULL records have turned into "ABC" when logging into the actual MySQL database.      Exact steps to reproduce the issue: Create new empty database. Go to Manage > Database, go to the Relationship tab, add Tables,add ODBC datasource and connect to one MySQL table. Go to Layout in Form View Press the New Record Button 10 times.  To check:Login to the actual MySQL table using Terminal (Mac) or MS-DOS (Windows)and "SELECT * from your_table_name"    Expected Result: Supposed to see 10 new empty records from FileMaker and 10 NULL records from the MySQL table.  Actual Result: Only 2 empty records were shown in FileMaker but have actually create 9 NULL records in the MySQL table.  Exact text of any error message(s) that appeared: N/A  Any additional configuration information/troubleshooting that is relevant to the issue:No  Any workarounds that you have found:Create the record one by one