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      Envelope, Label & Letter


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      Re-Posting since the earlier version did not type correctly.

      Re: Envelope, Letter & Labels Layouts - FM Pro v11 Free Trial Download
      Created these Layouts, and found that there is a large space between two "inserted merge fields" i.e., FirstNameMI and LastName as follows - envelope & label example: Dr. John…space…Smith rather than Dr. John Smith, and using letter: Dear Dr. Smith……space…..: rather than Dear Dr. Smith:
      Have looked at “Help” unsuccessfully.
      Please advise!
      Jose' Boix

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          Can you enter layout mode, capture a screen shot and upload it here?

          Have you checked to see if there are any spaces in the name fields after the last visisble letter in the name fields or preceding the first visible letter?

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            Thanks for the response.  Found out that since I imported the data from and Excel spreadsheet, the FirstName and LastName fields had "spaces" behind each entry.  So, when I imported the data it came with the "spaces."  Went ahead and deleted the "spaces" from the source and re-imported the data thus solving the problem, and learning from it!  Thanks !!