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ERRO - Layout automatic save error when set as manual

Question asked by PeterClarkson on May 14, 2013
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ERRO - Layout automatic save error when set as manual


FileMaker Pro



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Description of the issue

If automatic saving is turned off on a layout, the question to save should occur when leaving the record.  The bug is that is not true.  If you mouse click on any part of the layout other than a tab or an editable field the save command runs.  This is an error as the record has not been left.  Filemaker should allow you to click anywhere on a layout on any tab in the layout and on any object of the layout WITHOUT the save record command running UNTIL you LEAVE the record.

Steps to reproduce the problem

Go to any layout
Turn automatic save off
Go to an editable field and change it
Click on any other part of the layout or a non-editable field and the Save command runs

Expected result

No SAVE command

Actual result

SAVE command runs

Exact text of any error message(s) that appear

No error


NONE!  It is an error.